06.09.2003 || 00h22

Nothing to see here...

Work was uneventful to-day. not much happened at all, in fact -- until some fricking gizmo came out of the washroom and put the key down right on a plate of cookes behind the pastrry case. It was like this signal for every lamebrain in town to come out to the Coffee Hell on St-Dennis street. Christ...

We managed to survive until closing, then I started to fill a 2 litre pitcher with boiling water (to soak the steam wand in) and forgot about it. about three minutes later, I'm burned and mopping desperately at a small lake on the counter and floor.

So yeah, we got out late...

Also, if I want to use the 24 camera that I want to use, it looks like it'll be about $20,000 for the month, not including lense(s), tripod, or, well, anything. On the other hand, the Panasonic costs about $7,000 to *buy,* so maybe we should look at that more closely. Of course, we don't know what the picture quality's like, even though it gets great reviews...

These are the things that keep me up nights. Oh, that and the fact that my student loan payments have just doubled because of shifting rates...

Yeah, that keeps me up more.

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