05.20.2003 || 02h01


Holy foikes! $1995.-- worth of utter biking beauty. Internal gear hub and integrated transmission? Okay by me. I hate always having to replace the damned chain.

Okay, I also love the absolutely minimalist design. Hell, it matches my doomBook.

Okay as well: I certainly can't afford $2000 in my post-career life.

But I can dream, non?

Speaking of French, Mystie and I saw the Matrix Reloaded to-night. Very exciting, action-packed film. Very eye-candy-liscious. Still ain't the first one, though.

And I have to say that when Lambert Wilson let loose with a string of Parisian cusses (to demonstrate how delicious it feels to swear in French. I think he said it was like wiping your arse with silk), the audience sort of laughed at the pansy-arsed nature of it. He should have learned Québécois. The swearing's just as string-together-able, much much *much* more delicious.

On the way home, we were absolutely ravenous and slightly headachy. Mystie more so than me. To the point of being a little nauseous. I tucked her in and figured I'd let her sleep.

Hm, which is where I think I'm headed now...

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