05.22.2003 || 00:54

21 May, eh?

Wow, definitely the best birthday I've had in a long, long time. Mystie came and picked me up at work and took me for sups, then the Cirque du soleil. The show was awesome, and Mystie looks positively *evil* in a black button-down shirt, little skirt, and knee-highs. Damn... Afterwards, we walked from the Old Port to the Second Cup on Philips Square for Lattes. I have to say that Montréal is gorgeous at night. Especially down there. I was awestruck by the view of the Bonsecours market with the city hall next to it and the old church Leonard Cohen sings about in 'Suzanne,' all lit up and glowing across the little pond from the circus tent.

Then home to watch I Am Curious -- Yellow, but the girl fell asleep, so I tucked her in. I tried to go beddie-byes as well, but I'm not tired at all, and I didn't want my tossing and turning to wake her up.

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