02.26.2003 || 00h35

Some script notes

So to-day after work, Mystie and I went onward in search of some food, then stopped in at Chapters, where I bought a copy of Fences and Windows by Naomi Klein. The first thing I noticed about the book was that the jacket design was a minor variation of No Logo's. Uhm, excuse me, but wouldn't that count as brand-building? hmph, I guess Naomi doesn't really have control over the marketing of her works, but still...

Oh: turns out that I wasn't the first one to think of that: Mystie says that she's read that question come up in a review of the book somewhere.

Not to judge the book by its cover or anything...

So then we stopped by Métro Vidéo, where I picked up Atanarjuat, and she got some Yoga DVDs, and then to Second Cup to get some work done because I have to work on my damned film treatment and she has to do some studying.

Fergettit. The damned music was loud and stoopid. We came home, where I got some work on the treatment done, and she got in some cat-petting and magazine reading.

Oh, cool: I got a Mountie to be script consultant for my big, scary movie. That's great because a fair chunk of it pertains to cops, and I have *no* idea how the RCMP, the SQ, and the Montréal cops divide their various spheres of jurisdiction.

Hmm. I hear the opening music to Trixxx2 coming from my room. I think I'd better go...

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