02.25.2003 || 10h41

Class and sudden success

wow, did *I* ever make a breakthrough in class last night. After the break, one of the students spoke up and started to complain about the class and about how insulted he felt about the teacher's crit of his work from a half-hour earlier. A few other's spoke up either agreeing with him or disagreeing. ONe girl spoke up and asked the teacher what she's doing here, and would he tell any of us if we were just not suited to Meisner.

I spoke up and said that the stage at the front of the class was one of the scariest things in my life, and how I'm asking myself the same questions as she. I said that it was no secret that I've been missing the magic for weeks there, and how I was there specifically to get my arse kicked, because that'll make us all better actors, no?

Anyway, I finished up by saying that it was up to her and me to decide that we just can't do it, and that I was too damned bloody-minded to give up.


The fear I've had of this class for weeks suddenly fell into place. As in, slipped out of the way. I did the excersise, and by the end, everyone was speaking in hushed tones and shaking my hand.

No idea if I'll be as on next week, but I'm not so scared of class anymore.

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