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Vitriolic thoughts on the UN

So, it seems that while Canada's snipers were busily shooting their way into the #1 kills spot in Afghanistan, they paused to do some disgusting little things. Allegedly, a Canadian sniper defecated down the neck of an Al-Qaeda fighter whose head had been blown off, and cut the pinky off another to bring it back to base as a trophy. He'd earlier joked with some US troops, while preparing to leave for combat, that he'd rip off an Al-Qaeda soldier's face and shit down his neck for them. Canadians always left for battle before the US troops, because they always went in first.

The soldier has been cleared of charges because nothing sticks.
And now, we're going back there as peacekeepers. What a fucking joke.
but then, the UN peacekeepers have been widely viewed as a joke (at least in the areas they've been patrolling) for several years now. In Cégep, I had a friend who'd lived in one of the UN mandates. Apparently, they called the UN guys 'Smurfs' because of the blue hats, and basically derided them every chance they got. It has apparently been a long time since anyone has run out to a passing UN tank with coffee for the soldiers. They are generally viewed as being ineffectual at best, and downright dirty at worst. It seems that Smurfs are just as prone to crimes and misdemeanours as any other dudes with guns. For instance:

  • An Irish soldier in Eritrea has been gaoled for making pornographic movies, using local prostitutes as subjects. The force in Eritrea has seen Italian, Danish, and Slovak troops expelled for having sex with minors.
  • In Somalia, members of the Canadian Airborne regiment beat a Somali man to death. Two soldiers were gaoled, and the regiment was disbanded after videos were uncovered that showed the troops undergoing extreme activities (such as eating feces and other cheery things) as part of their toughening-up process. Belgian newspapers showed photos of two Belgian paratroopers holding a young boy over a fire; three troops were tried but acquitted. Italy's paratroopers (what was with Somalia and airborne regiments?) allegedly tortured a naked Somali woman with electrodes and abused another woman.
  • Rwanda was an utter mess that resulted in a breakdown for the Canadian general commanding, because of orders from New York to sit by and watch a genocide take place. The UN was sued for duplicity and incompetence; of handing over Tutsi families over to the Hutus, or even running away when the shite hit the fan. The genocide resulted in almost a million deaths, mostly of Tutsis.
  • Ah, Bosnia. Let's see: over 20 peacekeepers were sent home over theft and corruption charges, almost four dozen other Smurfs were ejected for allegedly abusing mental patients at a hospital, and Canadian troops were accused of rape and beatings. Oh, and the sexual abuse of a teenaged handicapped girl.

Apparently, some of this is due to growing frustration within the ranks over the declining funding of the PKOs and increasing irrelevancy of the UN. Of course, the US has taken steps to ensure that the Smurfs never have to pay for what they do. Of course; that's just what Washington does.

I guess I'm just wondering how far the Peacekeeping programme has fallen. It was Canada's idea, and since its inception, Canada has had more of its soldiers killed while on Peacekeeping duty than anyone else, second only to India, which has one more fatality. But As the PKOs have begun to turn into more and more dirty dealings, Canada's contribution has fallen from being the #1 troop deployer, to somewhere in the range of 34th, largely because hey, we don't pay our Defence community enough to stay operational.

But it's starting to seem that even the good old days of PKOs have been for nothing good. This is not what Lester B Pearson was talking about when he made his famous speech in the UN about how he saw 'a new kind of force, a peacekeeping force,' and alladat yadda.

I also saw No Man's Land to-night, which paints the UN in extremely idiotic colours -- kinda powder-blue, in fact... It was nice to see the UN depicted by someone who actually lived in one of their zones for once. Note to UN believers out there: Films made by Balkans inhabitants show Smurfs in a refreshingly different light than that to which we are accustomed. I guess it's also appropos in this time when the UN is being delegated to utter irrelevancy by Washington's belligerence, eh?

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