02.16.2003 || 01h49

Another CoffeeHell night

So, after spending a pleasant Valentine's night with the Sweetheart, I had my relaxing pre-work Saturday shattered by a panicked phonecall at 15h00. Apparently, CoffeeHell, Inc is not as well-run as we're led to believe; they'd forgotten to plan for the 150,000 people who marched by to-day. So, I went to work about a half-hour early and proceeded to have a fricking awful day. Man, it just seemed like every stupid thing was irritating me to-day. Every single one. I was fricking glad to close and walk out the door to-night, let me tell you.


Ugh. February, you kick the Christ out of me every year. I'm trying, I really am, but you're getting under my skin.


Last night, I brought home a box of chockies to eat while watching a film, and a teenie book about kisses. Happy V-day, sweets. I also bought a book for Literate Barmaid, and wrote 'LB, Happy Valentine's, pretty girl' inside because she has no-one to give her nice things and stuff for this particular twisted, over-commercialised day. She was also pretty down about it, so I thought I'd be nice. On the way home afters, I thought about how gossippy that place is, and how if anyone saw the inscription, they'd definitely think more of it than there really is. I mentioned it to Mystie when I got home, and she obviously doesn't feel threatened by it, so I've decided not to sweat it.


Okay, enough. I'm for bed.

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