02.05.2003 || 09h42

buss passes and scuds

Well, I really couldn't afford it, but I bought a bus pass this month, just because I'm sick and tired of plonking coins into the STM's pocket. I was also tired of mentally checklisting the coinage in my pocket everytime I walked out the door.


LOL! So, according to CBC 1, all those '100% effective' Patriot missiles used by the US and Israel in the last Gulf war actually had a 100% miss rate. That explains why, even though the missiles had a perfect track record, there were still neighbourhoods in Israel that were being destroyed by Scuds.

Of course, the US government is still maintaining that the missiles performed in an exemplary fashion (after all, the system called a miss a kill), and are planning their futuristic missile defence system on the Patriot.


So, let me get this straight, Soviet-Area Russian missiles were destroying stuff because modern US ingenuity couldn't make the grade, *and* was cheering itself for a kill everytime it missed (Don't get me started about the questionable programming that *that* indicates). Too bad we had to wait 12 years to find out.


The full documentary will be on the Fifth Estate to-night. To quote: '

In 1991 the American military bragged they had the perfect weapon to neutralize deadly Scud missiles. But it wasn't true, and no one had even bothered to tell the President of the United States that their super-missile was way off the mark.' This should be funny...


Jeez, I wish Ford was actually going to sell these Model U jobbies. I really like this thing. I like what's gone into it and I like what it runs on. I would spend much on one of these. Yep, driving looks less evil these days. We ain't there yet, but someday soon we might be.


Hm. the CBC's relaying Colin Powell's address to the UN. heavy on Bombast, light on substance. He's talking about Mirage jets and other vehicles capable of spraying chemical weapons and such. Apparently, this makes for excellent terrorism opportunities.

Um, what? He hasn't said anything that would show Iraq as being able to deliver these weapons anywhere other than on Iraq's own borders.

Also, apparently, no country since WWI has deployed as much chemical weapons as Iraq. I guess napalm and Agent Orange don't count... He also prefaced the aerial photos that constitute his smoking gun with the disclaimer that they are very hard for the layman 'and even me' to understand.

Yeah, right: 'Um, this only *looks* like a dog running with a ball. In reality, it's a dangerous carrier of Anthrax.'

Fuck off. We know you're going in with or without the UN, which mean you're willing to break international law to get your president a second term. Stop trying to propagandise us. Even if Iraq *has* chemical weapons, they wouldn't neccessarily be sending Mirages rocketing across the Atlantic to pour them over New York. The US has them *and* has a much more aggressive stance on the world scene than does Iraq. And as for Saddam's testing of weapons on human subjects, what about the CIA's use of McGill university for a similar purpose in the middle of the 20th century? Hello? Fuck, dude...

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