01.21.2003 || 23:46

World-shakers according to cf

As I have said before (and most likely will never stop saying), People will use anything they can as a weapon.

A couple of years ago, I was called a misogynist because I said that a certain young AIDS-positive woman who was knowingly spreading her decay as far as she could should be considered guilty of attempted murder. Well, I think precisely the same thing of Calvin Alexandre Chartier, and I'm glad as hell that the judge agreed. I know it's not fair that some people get infected whereas others don't, but spreading your anger as far as you can and trying to punish all of womankind for your disease equals using your cock as an instrument of destruction, and that's fucking wrong. Especially as the freakboy got the damned sickeness by using a used syringe handed to him by someone who *told* him she was sick!!! Yes, I know: stupid, stupid girls. I agree. But to use that as a vantage point from which to ruin peoples lives is ugly. It's evil. Yeah, I'm being all judgemental about this. Yeah, I have no problem with that. I'm pagan, and as such believe that sex is a celebration of life. Period. It should never be an act of rage. Ever.

And it just gets better around here: Renald Côté (allegedly) repeatedly raped his daughter. For years. Since she was four fucking years old. He encouraged his sons to take part. I don't know what *he* was striking out against, and I don't understand where he got the idea that his little girl was an acceptable target. I can't think straight on it. I can't stand it. I am overflowing with helpless, vitriolic rage; not because I think we should get the death penalty back and not because I think that justice doesn't work in Canada. But I know that Isabelle Côté can never get unraped. I know that, even if Renald ever thought on this, some things just can't ever be taken back.

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