01.20.2003 || 09h21

Hmph. A one-day week-end just aint enough...

Apparently, it's -31 out with the wind-chill factor, -27 without. hope to hell I've got clean long-johns.

I know about the temperature because Sister called me, all bright-eyed and cheerful-like at 8h30. We chatted for as long as I could withoug falling asleep on the 'phone, then I tried in vain to re-coup my sleep.


So yeah, I don't know if this will be another marathon workday, or if I'm only doing my normal shift. I really, really wish that the guys for whom I work had some semblance of an organisational structure going on. I'm not about to go telling them how to run their business, but it's not fsir to me to not know if I can make after-work plans or not. It's not fair that I don't yet know whether I can play music this week (something I'm getting desperate to do again). Fuck, it's just kinda irritating, I guess.

[yawn] Ye gads, I'd rather be back in bed. I'm envious of Mystie because hell, she's still all warm and snuzzly in there, the wanton hussy.

Oh, and I wonder if I should try for this...

Dude! I just heard Christina Aguilera singing 'We are beautiful/in every single way/No matter what they say/Words can't bring us down.' And I have to ask 'What???' Did the taste police finally catch up to her skank arse? Is this her musical community service or something? And if there's one thing I know, it's that there are enough white trash wiggers out there calling her twelve kinds of gorgeous that she 's the last person who should be singing a feelgood anthem for the aesthetically disenfranchised like that. Jaysus, man. Jaysus...

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