01.06.2003 || 22h46

Just a few desires. Nothing much here.

dude, I have had *enough* with my fricked-out espresso machine. I want one of these. I love the lever action. It makes me happy.

Really happy.

I also love the wooden handles, but since I can't afford the bitch anyway, I may as well dream high.

Speaking of hot-arsed lever action, it seems that many are saying the 17" screen on the current high-end iMac is going to become standard. I say That's terrific news. Now all I have to do is either win the lottery or sell my sister so I can kick back with a swank cuppa 'spresso in from of my morning on-line newspaper.

Fucking right, biznatch!

Yeah, and since I'm being wistful about stuff, I may as well mention my adoration of this (upon which I intend to shoot my film), this (because medium format rocks like Bob), and this because... well, you know...

We can't always have what we want.

Excuse me, I must now go get beaten by my sweetheart. Apparently, one should never, even in a tongue-in cheek fashion, put links to pictures of pretty girls in your page when sitting next to your lover...

||Gods save the Queen,

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