01.06.2003 || 01h28

Home from work and maybe slightly irritated.

Well, I feel somewhat vindicated. I've been calling them imperialists for a fricking long-arsed time. It's nice to see that even some of *them* are starting to call a spade a spade...

Also, as soon as the word 'empire' gets attached to someone, you know that their decline is written on the wall. Not yet. Maybe not in my lifetime, but it's sitting there, waiting. Nice

But it's become *so* obvious to me that the US is just the UK junior. It's so crazy...

So yeah, something small happened last night that's put a bit of a question in my mind as to my sweetheart's sanity. She put a really weird, accusatory spin on it in her page last night (bit of a motif burgeoning, there...), but I guess I'll call it accurate because I don't really feel like dispelling shite right now. Trust me when I say that she's a truly mystifying creature. She has a very pronounced angry streak that occasionally makes her strike out, though if she'd only be clear and stand up for herself up-front, she'd never have to go the explosion route *or* deal with the unnecessary and ridiculous crap she goes through. No secret; I'm not disrespectfully airing dirty laundry or anything like that. I dunno, it sure seems sometimes that she cherishes anger; maybe it makes her feel alive or something...

Which strangely reminds me that I think I might owe her my own sanity right now. Aside from last night's bizarre incident, she's been awesome of late; super helpful and fricking generous with her time. I've been running about like a fart in a windstorm and basically being completely scattered, and she's been a warm pair of arms and a willing set of ears. Yay her. Love her muchly.

So yeah, Job #2 is at a place that shall be henceforth called Coffee Behemoth, Inc. To-night we ground several bags of coffee for the Rolling Stones.

Also, I spread kitty litter on the front walk at CB, Inc. It's better on the shoes than salt. It's also better for the planet (It's entirely possible that you have to be from a Nordic country to understand this). Anyway, while I was digging about in the bag of litter, I suddenly looked down at my hand, half buried in the dusty grains, and thought 'Wow, I feel so close to my cats right now.'

Okay. Bedtime now.

||Gods save the Queen,

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