02.22.2005 || 09h44

Dreams and required vacations

I've been having the weirdest dreams lately, all work mixed in with godknowswhat and a healthy dose of Really Weird Shite.

I clicked on my ichat and wbill was nowhere to be found. I was all like 'WTF, mate! Where's bill?' and then I was all 'Oh yeah, he's probably in *Aukland* by now,' and then I was all like 'That lucky bastard, howcome I couldn't have-- well okay, flown across North America *then* climbed into his baggages?' And then I was all about 'Well, I'm glad for *him* that he's on vacation even though I'm not.' And then I was like 'Maybe I need a vacation, eh?'

It's an idea, at any rate.

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