05.04.2003 || 02h47


So yeah, to-night after work I went to meet Marv at Hurley's to see this band he's been talking about. Turns out he was absolutely right. The fiddler he's so into is *exactly* as ungodly gorgeous as he said she was, complete with the crazy brown hair, big eyes, and sweet body, all of which is kinda 'so what' in a place like Montréal. No, it's the fact that she's got some extremely respectable fiddle skillz that sorta put her over the top for him, I think. And yeah, I saw her wink at him a coupla times, so I really can't blame him for being head over heels about her.

And really, the whole damned band is fucking great. I had an awesome time, even though some unapologetic cuntnugget who gooshed a rum & coke into my lap.

We gotta practise a lot more, though. Marv and I are going to try to practise for an hour every morning, starting at 10h00. Hope to hell we can do it.

Anyway, I am now home and showered, and I'm pretty sure I saw the lovely shape of my best girl in my bed wen I dropped my soaking pants in the hamper, so I'm off...

||Gods save the Queen,

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