02.27.2006 || 13h04

to-do lists and such

I know, I know, I ain't been around much. To be honest, I don't have the time like I used to, and I'm pondering putting up a blog with my real name and talking about stuff that's way more interesting, so I'm having a hard time convincing myself to come here right now. But I've been here for a long time at this point, so it's easier-said-than-done kinda stuff. Anyway...

I can't figure out why a duvet cover costs so much. I mean, it's a freaking *bag,* right?

I'm thinking about this because I just spent $85 US on a raw cotton duvet over for my bed -- and that was the sale price. I dunno. I guess I just have to accept that I won't understand how some things are priced and leave it at that...

In other news, my 5-string baby's in the shop, so I've been using my old Washburn 4 in gigs, which has been messing me up big time... or at least it was, but we've just had an *amazing* week-end at Hurley's so I guess the transition point's over. Now if I could only get the 5 back in time for the St-Pat's week slaughter, I'll be a happy camper.

When I say *amazing,* I mean capital AMA- zing. By the end of Saturday night, we'd moved out mikestands back and people were dancing on the stage and our voices were hoarse (Okay, *my* voice was hoarse, at least) and everything. They didn't want us to stop, but the staff had to close. Then we stuck around and chatted with the other bands who'd been playing around town or downstairs and went home for about a quarter to four i the AM.

To-day I've been sawing through my to-do list like nobody's business. Stuff like fixing up the graphics for the band's MacOS X widget, ordering an overpriced duvet cover from Gaiam.com, e-mailing one of the city's biggest pub bands about buying their sound system, calling my Da about buying his Vancouver place (which we won't be able to do in the end because it's a half million bucks and he's goign to sell before we're in the spot to buy, but he's going to help us find a good deal when we're ready), e-mailing some contracty stuff to a client and e-mail the alumnus people at ConU to see about taking a course or two. Oh, and putting $600 onto my debt-relief effort and calling about putting the band's banner onto the float on which we'll be sitting for the St-Pat's parade.

Next up, shower and shave and ready-for-work stuff.

Which brings me to something kinda grey and dismal: Since Jazz has moved in with me, we have seen each other on Sunday nights and that's almost it. She works 8h30 to about 18h00 Monday to Friday at the law firm of Someone, Someone Else and The Other Guy, and I work nights and gig most week-ends. The other day, she sent me a three word text message that read 'I miss you.'

It felt awful. I'm trying to get out of coffee-slinging and back into something with more reasonable hours, but the company I'm supposed to be doing a tonne of contracting with ain't giving me anything to do.

I really need to find a way to get back into daytime work. I guess I'll talk to my boss at CoffeeHellCo to-day and ask if I can shift to daytimes a lot more once Captain Useless has been transferred...

Because really, I didn't move in with someone so I could see less of her than I did when she was in Québec City, you know?

Plus, there's the fact that everything I want to do happens at night, from the playwriting workshop that'll be starting to-day without me, to the Arabic courses I've been trying to take for two years now...

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