02.14.2006 || 16h58

a few notes on Canadian politics

So it seems that the culture-free bunch of dolts who've won the last election are even more clueless than I thought. They've appointed a unilingual anglophone as the parliamentary secretary for the Francophonie. Selecting someone who speaks no French as the top lieutenant for French-Canadians seems like a bad idea, somehow... This is on top of giving a portfolio to a man who wasn't elected in January, nor did he even run. So the PM appointed him to the Senate. After making so much noise over the past few years about making senators into *elected* officials.

Making any sense? I can't see it.

But on the bright side, they want to re-open the gay marriage debate and scrap the gun registry, so anyone in this country who happens to be an English-speaking bible-buffer who hates gays and loves to shoot at them will finally find a warm neocon home in his own country instead of having to move south.

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