01.11.2006 || 12h55

a few scattered shots...

Holy wow, am I ever stuffed. I just made myself eggs, toast, and grilled veggies (leftover from our veggie-soup-and-moosemeat-lasagna making fest of two days ago) for brekkies.

I think I need a second cuppa tea though...


It sucks to be Pierre Pettigrew these days. I mean, first off, He got attacked in a Montréal Métro station last month by some crazed goon who wanted his cellphone. Thanks to a good samaritan, the phone was recovered and the goon was clapped in irons.

Goon didn't even know he was attacking a Cabinet Minister. he just liked the phone. Pierre has said that he doesn't intend to stop taking public transit to work or going about with a bodyguard.

But now, the Bloc is pitting against a political rockstar against him in the riding he won by less than 500 votes last time. By putting a Haitian woman in the challenger's seat, they're making a transparent grab at the Haitian majority in that riding, but it's going to work because, much as we like to say we're above voting by colour or gender, we're not. I don't mean just Haitians, I mean general populations.

I dunno, I don't see any good coming from this election at all. I just keep seeing Conservatives in charge.


You know what's cool about being a musician who actually gets work? Spending $300 on a North Face jacket for snowboarding with, without even touching my sadly tiny bank account balance. It was a good week on two fronts: first, we did four gigs, which is a busy week for us, no matter how you slice it. Second: all four were actually fun for once. All in all, it was a good week.


Four gas stations in Sherbrooke are now offering gas with 8 - 10% ethanol because people were asking for it. It's about the same price or 3¢ more than the normal gas, and one owner is saying it's her best selling gas. This is cool. This is very cool

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