12.31.2005 || 19h34

New years crap.

Hiya. strange how many ZOOS sum-ups I'm seeing everywhere these days. Newspapers, the TV, Dland pages...

Allow me not to make one. 2005 kinda started off kinda grim but got better fast. There's been some dismal goings-on, but generally it's been one of the better years I've had.

Boom. Done. I'm going to a new year's bash in Boucherville. Of course, I've never liked New Year's Eve. Last year I saw a film. The year before I saw a film. The year before that, La Bottine Souriante were playing at the Spectrum, so I went there. But really, I think that New Year's is a dumbfuck, souped-up drinkfest with no real bearing on, well... anything.

Anyway, I have to-morrow off, so I'm thinking of celebrating 01 01 06 by sleeping 'til at *least* ten.

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