12.28.2005 || 10h50

Not so best buy

It seems that Boxing Day sales have changed-- newfangled 'boxing week' bullshite notwithstanding. Or maybe they haven't, but I'm just now noticing it. Here's the deal: Best Buy advertised the Sony PSP at $149.99, which is, let's face it, an amazing price. In comparison, Future Shop advertised the same item at $249.99 with a little tag on that read '$50 off.' Now; the fine print. The wicked price for the PSP at Best Buy was legit -- for an open box PSP, while supplies last. Essentially, they're advertising the one or two demo models they have per store but only coming clean in the small print. They know that at least a healthy percentage of the people who'll haul their cookies all the way out to L'Acadie will just grumble, but lay their dollars down because of the epic drive and the hour or two spent in line.

Let's face it, the advert was probably a freakout success in terms of PSP sales this time around, but I don't think that this kind of obfuscating advertising can really work well in the long run. I mean, next time I see something I want advertised by Best Buy, I'm going to look for the small print off the bat because let's face it, I'm not going to trust them.

I'm not even really sure why I want a PSP, actually, which is probably why I'm not climbing the walls to get one. I mean, it's a cool device and shite, but I'm not sure I'd find that much use for one. At least not while games and films for the thing are so damned pricey. And hell, I didn't care about them at all until I touched one and got all woo-ish and crap over the *design* of the device.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I just thought the ad was interesting, especially since it came *that* close to working on me [sheepish grin].

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