12.22.2005 || 01h14

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So, let's see... The US ambassador to Iraq's been telling the Iraqis that the fact they voted along lines that Washington hated are going to destabilise the country, like having a bunch of trigger happy marines topple the previous government and pillage the entire country wasn't already doing that. Nevermind; Washington's just getting uppity because their darling Chalabi's party might not even get a single seat.

Also, I see that the US is 'livid' because Germany can run its own justice system. Apparently serving 18 years of a 25-year sentence just ain't enough -- provided you hijacked a plane in 1985 and killed a US navy man before dumping his carcass out a window in front of running TV cameras. The fact that an American rapist or murderer *never* gets his or her sentence abbreviated the same way gives them the right to be as sanctimonious as they want, I guess. I also guess that the US shouldn't have recently renditioned a German to a black ops site for torture, because then maybe the Germans would *care* what the US thought right now.

And last, but not least, it seems that Mark Thatcher can't find a country in which to live now that he's been expelled from both South Africa and Monaco. This kind of shows that even with a suspended sentence, being caught trying to help overthrow a government just doesn't pay.

In other news, it seems that not one, but *two* couples had sex in my bathroom during Sunday's party. That explains the *huge* smudge-marks we found on the mirror Monday morning...

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