12.19.2005 || 19h06

X-mas party aftermath

So, while Jazz and I were digging bare-handed through a garbage-bagsworth of Chocolate cheesecake and chicken curry this afternoon, I was struck by the following thought: Should receipts that must be kept not be placed in one's wallet right off the bat? Turns out that the girl who'd not thought to *do* that spent the whole night cleaning up after two puking boys, so I guess We got off kinda light.

So yeah, it was kind of a crazy party, one replete with Alcohol, booze, hooch and beer, even. Oh, there was also a whipped-cream fight and somehow a quarter of a chocolate cake got spread across the newly-scrubbed kitchen floor. And a glass of premium-quality Québec beer got sloshed onto the floor in my room. There were other assorted accidents and such, brought on by the overconsumption of cheap beer and expensive wine... I didn't get too badly off, and neither did Jazz, but some of my co-workers probably hated their lives to-day -- especially the Moroccan boy who had an exam at 8h30 this morning. He puked into my toilet before going off and crashing with a couple of other baristas -- the afore-mentioned two-puking-men trio, actually.

I felt like hell for the first part of the day, actually. Possibly the first time I've ever woken up hungover after *not* getting drunk. I dunno, I've been running on a bit of a de-hydration kick lately, so that's probably what did me in, but man, I had my nasea on like you can't *believe* this morning. I was glad when we went out for a bit because the air and the movement and the not being home helped calm my insides enough that I could come home absolutely famished and eat a healthy percentage of the leftovers from last night.

To-morrow, I start on a new contract and a course of work that *should* eventually lead to me getting out of the coffee-slinging business altogether. As some of the younger people on-line say: w00t.

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