12.14.2005 || 01h44

Stupidness about music and iChat

So I was listening to the Brandenburg Concerto Number 5 while doing a little writing, and I was struck by how creepy sounding the harpsichord is. I mean, you can't *not* sound a little macabre while playing the 'chord, you know? Even the lighter numbers; it's just in the instrument's character. Something about the sound that seems like it's lost in the darkness of history, or at least it's terrifyingly renaissance-- not exactly Iron Maidens and the Spanish Inquisition, but rampant disease, feces in the streets and scary-arsed fashion habits that no one this side of an art history text would be caught dead dreaming about... Alright, I may be losing sight of my point here, but trust me on the harpsichord thing. I wouldn't lead you wrong.
Here's what happens when you get two university-educated brainiacs together to discuss nothing much:

[cf188] Oh, I finally saw War of the Worlds. Did you ever see it?
[cf188] The new one, I mean...
[wbill] no, i haven't
[wbill] any good?
[wbill] heard it was really good until about the halfway point then sort of just went south
[cf188] Not too bad... Well, I was expecting something godawful on the order of Independence Day, so I guess my expectations were low...
[wbill] ah, well, then your bar was set probably in its proper location.
[cf188] They took some serious liberties, but they made the story a bit more human. The ending was really Hollywood, though.
[cf188] By which I mean it sucked.
[wbill] what, were they allergic to water?
[cf188] LOL! Wrong dumb-as-fuck aliens movie.
[wbill] that was so disappointing... ugh
[cf188] 'Hey, these Aliens all have dry skin!'
[cf188] 'Here, let me wash your face... oups.'
[cf188] 'uh... medic?'
[wbill] ha ha.
[wbill] 'i'm melting!'
[wbill] 'melting!'
[cf188] 'Oh my god, it's the Wicked Witch of Alpha Centauri!'

It gets better. Embarassingly better... sort of like the conversational version of twisting in the wind...

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