12.13.2005 || 13h21

Unions are for the birds

I'm sitting in the kitchen with a tea at my elbow while behind my closed bedroom door, Jazz is trying to get Mango back into his cage. Every week-end, we let him fly around the bedroom for a while while we wash out his cage, then we spend a half-hour trying to catch him again and get him back into the newly-laundered cage. The thing is, I think Jazz *likes* standing on chairs and crossing the room ad nauseam while trying to entice the little guy with food and stuff. She's adamant that he should have some flying about time every weekend, and I'm okay with that, but man. She seems to love the whole catch-the-bird process that comes afterwards, and that's just plain weird.

There's a teachers' strike on right now, at the Ceeb has one of those call-in shows on, where people weigh in as to whether teachers should have the right to strike. It's a good question because it brings up questions about the appropriateness to unions themselves. I mean, bus drivers striking because they consider $30 an hour to be too low makes me queasy with anger, but civil servants striking after 11 months without a contract seems like the last-resort gesture of a groups that's been pushed to the limit. And increasingly, I see examples of this, especially in the government sector. Who'd have thunk that Unions would become so damned important in the *public* sector?

Do I believe in Unions? Yes. Theoretically speaking, I see them as having played an integral role in the improvement of workers' conditions during the Industrial Revolution, and in some cases, Unions are still involved in honestly protecting employees who would otherwise be treated unfairly. But let's face it: one would have to be pretty freaking naļve not to see that Unions have also played a negative part in terms of overpaying employees who should in some cases no longer even be employed.

In other words, I have no idea which side I support, or even if I think it breaks down that simply.

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