12.03.2005 || 20h26

election pap

Okay, something weird just happened. I took the CBC's Vote By Issue quiz, in which you check off either 'agree' or 'disagree' to four questions each pertaining to 12 issues. The frequency with which your choices co-incide with a party leader's statements should give you an indication of which party you should be tapping come this next election.

I agreed with the PM on 9 and disagreed with him on 3.

I agreed with Gilles Duceppe on 8 issues, and disagreed on 4 issues.

I agreed with the gay-bashing Tory Bastard (otherwise known as Stephen Harper) on 5 issues, and dissed him on 7.

And strangely, I agreed with my man Jack on 12 issues. That translates to a zero rate of disagreement between Jack and me. I guess I'm more dyed-in-the-wool Orange than I thought...

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