11.28.2005 || 16h59

Climate change, third world X-mas gifts, and the fall of the government

I think that Stéphane Dion's got a lot of balls to stand in front of the UN conference on climate change, welcome the delegates to Montréal, and say that we need fast action on climate change. I mean, Canada's record on the greenhouse gas front sucks. We're one of the worst offenders right now, in terms of spewing greenhouse gasses into the air, though we (and pretty nigh on everyone else) are totally dwarfed in that respect by the filthsome nation just south of us. It's almost comical that Canada should hold such a trashy record, yet still urge the international community to do more, faster.

Let's see Canada's plan, shall we? What will *we* be doing to make things better? I hope to see something concrete on the table soon, because right now, things are just embarrassing...

So, Christmas is coming, eh? I have an idea: Anyone who wants to sorta mark the day without giving up completely to the machine should give a goat to a third-world family on behalf of someone they know. You can do it here. Some of the gifts are totally unaffordable, but a goat or a few chickens or fruit trees sure as hell doesn't break the bank, and you know that you're actually doing something right instead of hampering some overcommerialised North American with some objet they'll probably re-gift anyway...

Addendum || 20h58

In possibly the first instance ever of Canada being the main story at the BBC site, that of CNN *and* at Yahoo.com, the Government got its arse toppled a couple of hours ago. So, to-morrow Paul Martin will ask the Governor General to dissolve parliament, then he'll call a January election. since elections have to be held on a Monday here in frosty Canuckistan, it'll probably be the 16th, 23rd, or 30th of January.

...which also means campaigning over x-mas. parliamentarians slugging through the slush of a Montréal winter for my little old vote and those of my roomies -- and every other voter in this city, province, and pretty much everywhere else in Confederation.

Great. What a fucking circus.

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