11.25.2005 || 18h37

hungry and irritable and almost blown up.

I'm hungry and maybe a little irritable. Waiting for supper to be ready can be... trying at times. But it's a great time to go trawling the news. And such news, too. It seems that Bono's gone and slapped the Prime Minister's wrists over poverty again. I hate to say it, but I'm kinda with Bono on this one. Self-centred wanker though he might be, he's really on the money when it comes to world poverty. And Paul Martin's a jackarse for not meeting the target. I mean, give over. 0.7 percent of the GDP? Who'd miss that? Surely not the goons who profited so well off the sponsorship scandal that the PM dearly wishes would go away.

But really, this sort of thing that the Liberal government is good at. The wording of the Tories' original no confidence motion (more on this in a minute) was bang on. There's a culture of entitlement and cronyism in the federal Liberal Party that just cannot be countenanced any longer. The problem is that the man who'll most likely be left standing as the PM once the dust settles from the government's fall this coming Monday won't be any more likely to hit 0.7 than is Paul Martin. He'll also see what he can do about illegalising gay marriage and getting us onboard with the US's Star Wars II plan. Oh, and he'll hand out corporate welfare like no to-morrow, gut the endangered species act and probably put in the water pipeline that Washington wants so badly.

So I'm hoping that the election we're about to be dragged into ends up with another Liberal minority. Hate to say it, but there it is. Hell, harsher things have happened, and in light of the recent news that we narrowly escaped having our Métro system blown up by Al-Qaeda operatives, I think we can probably handle anything.

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