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ICC and other indefinites

So it seems that my man Jack has brought down the government after all, or at least created the right conditions for someone else to do it. All three opposition parties voted for an NDP motion to force a 13 February election. The Liberals are planning to ignore the vote, which means that the Conservatives will be tabling a no-confidence vote next week, which would bring about an election sometime damned soon -- like 29 November.

I spent all of to-day at the theatre, building an extension onto the front of the stage, setting up the lighting for my play, figuring out the sound system, getting dirty, installing a park bench and basically doing all the crap that needs ding before an actor ever sets foot onstage. I am tired and grimy and ready for bed.

So, the question I have is that, coming as it does on top of the anniversary of the Nuremberg trials' opening, does it strike anyone else as being disgusting that the US smuggled Nazi officers out of Germany and whitewashed their histories while working so hard to set up and enable the whole Nuremberg process? The fact that the US was more interested in winning the Cold War than is doing right is practically common knowledge, but let's face facts: NASA is basically the creation of Nazi officers working for a government that snuck them out from under its allies' noses and protected them from the rule of law in order to profit from their knowledge. It's unfathomable that the US could be working so hard with one hand to help create an international court to try war criminals, while undermining that court with the other.

Oh wait, that's what they're doing to the ICC.

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