11.15.2005 || 14h11

registrar madness

Unfortunately, Madonna's got a new disc out. I would write a scathing review of what I've heard, but as usual, the Ceeb did it better than I could.

Aside from that, I don't even know where to start. We're headed for an election again. It seems that the Gomery thing plus the Liberal's backdooring of a corporate tax cut in spite of an earlier deal with their NDP coalition just sorta killed everything. So now opposition leaders are falling over one another in their calls for the PM to dissolve government.

The thing is, the nation's not ready for an election. It'll be over the holiday season, which will both irritate electors and probably ensure a low-as-hell turnout. It will erase a government that's actually been getting things done (which is 100% due to the fact that the minority government's been running scared the whole time). Oh, and it's going to arsebang the First Nations.

I don't think I have to mention again how dismal it will be if we get a Tory prime minister. The last thing we need, after two PMs who wouldn't buckle under US pressure, is our own Tony Blair. Double that if it's a majority government.

Okay, I'm exhausted. Opening night of the play is cruising at us like a train, and I'm stressed about it. I seem to have overcome all the usual boffonomy, like hard-headed actors, people not being off-book, character problems and blocking issues, but it just doesn't seem ready yet. Oh well, toss in and hope for the best, I suppose.

Mon Amour was here again this week-end, but we3 were both so busy we didn't get to see a whole lot of one another. She had an exam all day saturday and the band had a gig at a new pub that night. The gig went pretty well, though it was a hockey crowd. We were to go on immediately following the game, so it was goign to be a weird energy no matter what. The Habs went down by one goal in overtime, so the crowd was less than happy. We played Taps to start with then swung into some crowd-pleasers. I got an e-mail from the pub last night offering us more dates, so I guess it worked. Sunday was another all-day rehearsal...

We used the time we had well though: another terrific Sunday supper, lots of talk. I think we can overcome anything so long as we keep talking. Even this whole apart-ness. Hell, on that note there's only another 5 weeks to go...

In other news, the domain name for my website seems to have been hijacked, but not in the usual cracker-esque sense. I mean that my domain registrar seems to have disappeared or merged with someone, and they won't answer my e-mails pertaining to changes I need done to my site's admin info. Nor will they authorise a domaine transfer to a different registrar. For the record, anyone who might know something about the solutions provider formerly known as CompulseNET Inc (registrar number 254) is welcome to tell me where I can go to tell them about how much they suck. I promise I won't tell them who blew their cover...

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