11.09.2005 || 02h34

friday night from hell.

So, after a nice supper and movie date on Friday, Jazz and I decided to go see some friends play at the pub. Now, Slipknot had just done a show so there were many dreadlocked and bullet-belted punklings all over town, and the pub was no exception. they were drunk and dancing up a storm, which was no problem at all as far as I'm concerned. Except that two of them were stealing beer from the taps so there began some unpleasantness, what with the bartender kicking their drunken butts out and them coming back in and yadda. Meanwhile, their friends were becoming *very* sloshed and dancing right into tables and breaking stuff. After getting a little jostled, we decided to go someplace else. We shrugged apologetically at the band (at least one of whom'd had his mike shot into his face by a drunken dancer bumping into the mikestand) and left.

Not five minutes after leaving, we're walking down towards rue René-Levesque when some yahoo in an SUV with Ontario plates comes screaming out of the parkinglot near the bottom of the street, sticks his head out his window and screams 'Black-assed nigger' at Jazz.

So, I drop Jazz's hand and start to walk purposefully towards where he's waiting for a green. Jazz grabs my arm, spins me back and starts walking me away. She'd seen the yahoo's three friends sitting with him in the SUV, which I'd totally spaced. So I turned to her and said 'Let's just go home. We'll be safe there.' Fortunately, Marvamillion's sister was in from Edmonchuck, so we came home to about a metric tonne of warm conversation.

The rest of the week-end was a typically awesome blur of food (including a supper with a work friend in for we created amazing horsemeat sirloins marinated for 24 hours in olive oil, dijon, garlic and onions), buying Mango a new cage, drinking wine, and the sight of her amazing skin.

But I still can't get that moment out of my head, and I don't know what went wrong for that ratfucker to make him stick his head out into the cold night air and scream something that sick across a street at an innocent stranger.

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