10.26.2005 || 02h43

Money and DVDs and sundries

So, what's this NAFTA thing good form anyway? I mean, the US owes us somewhere in the vicinity of 5 billion of their ugly-arsed greenbacks because they can't abide by the damned trade rules they helped write. So where's the dough?

Here at Chez Cf Et Al, our TV watching follows a very specific format: we settle on what we wanna see, then we go out and buy the first season. It's not as spur of the moment as all that, and so far, we've been lucky. We have watched whole seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Wonderfalls, Six Feet under and Dead Like Me. The current project is the first season of Carnivale, and we're pretty durn set on seeing the next. Of course, until the next season's out on DVD, we might have to check out Firefly or something...

But what I was going to say about this is that I believe I'm seeing some of the best damned TV I've come across, and all this *after* we got rid of cable. Funny how that works...

Anyway, work progresses on the play. I think that if we pull it off, we're going to have a very cool play happening. We've taken the script and made it ours, and I'm hoping for something really good to come of that.

But *man* is opening day coming up fast...

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