10.25.2005 || 12h36

concerts and germs

Whups, time flies, eh? It's been 11 days since my last confession and alladat... I've done a lot of stuff since the last post, but none of it shakes the world or anything. A few months ago, I gave Jazz an open-ended birthday gift: I gave her a card that said she should pick a show/play/concert/yadda in Québec City or Montréal and that I would pay for the tix and my (or her, depending on which city it was in) transportation. So we went to see the David Usher show at the Spectrum this week-end. As usual, he put on an awesome show. It was Jazz's first time seeing him in concert, and I'm pretty sure she'll be as willing as me to go again next time he swings through town.

Aside from that, I, uh, bought this. I figure it'll be an affordable way to get into medium-format photography. And hey, it's *Soviet* so it's got cool factor built right in. Hey, it was less than $100, okay? Well, before shipping, that is...

Speaking of quaint shite, I see that the prime minister is demanding that the world 'act now' on the avian flu; you know, the developed world has to share its stockpiles of pills and cast their knowledge about and all of the crap that makes me wonder where he was when it became common knowledge that there's an AIDS pandemic wiping its arse with the populations of Africa. Like that's not affecting the planet? A few bird flu cases rings alarm bells about fear and economic disparity, but an old-skool biological Big Bad like AIDS doesn't even merit a mention?

This mediagenic approach to disease management is a total farce. It makes me sick. I hope it makes you sick too.

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