09.29.2005 || 19h55

New G-G, new vision for Canada

So, after hassles, scandals and contention, we have a new head of state; and everyone seems to have decided that they love her. It's hard not to, after seeing her rock out to the Montreal Citizens' Gospel Choir and cry to a moving ballad during her swearing-in ceremony in the Senate Chamber.

So, does the fact that now two G-G's in a row have been non-white female CBC journalists born outside Canada show a certain tokenism or pandering by a Liberal government that's been desperate to seem progressive and fend off non-confidence votes?

The answer is simple: who cares? I loved Adrienne Clarkson, I loved the passing of the gay marriage legalisation, and I love MichaŽlle Jean. If this is how a party running for its life runs the place, we need more governments that are unsure of themselves.

Heh, I guess I also wish I'd made better friends when I used to discuss filmmaking with Jean's husband across the counter at my old CoffeeHellCo location...

||Gods save the Queen,

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