08.30.2005 || 12h33

US's Tsunami my arse...

You know, I have to take exception to the US's habit of appropriating the most disaster-weighted terms for its own disasters, even though they're inherently smaller in scope than the events to which the terms originally pointed. point in case: Ground Zero. Awful event, true. Nightmarish. But having the audacity to call the spot 'Ground Zero' is still a tasteless gesture that denigrates the scope of the war crime done to Japan by the US a lifetime ago.

Similarly, calling the former all-stops-pulled, kick-arse storm known as 'Katrina' the US's Tsunami puts that very real disaster (with somewhere just south of a hundred dead -- though that'll probably go up) in the same league as the Old Testament-class monster that ravaged everything in the neighbourhood of Thailand several months ago.

Why is it that one American death is always seen as equal to those of several Asians?

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