08.29.2005 || 13h06

avoiding work...

Because I'm still fighting with the same poem and because I want it to be finished, I am updating and trying not to dance around the kitchen to the Flogging Molly tunes I, er, acquired last night. There's a bath drawing a few metres to my right, with some German-made skin-care stuff effervescing in it. While I wait, I'm scoping out bike porn and dreaming of what $3000 could get me.

The dream part comes in at 'I work at CoffeeHellCo.' the $3000 part comes in no where in my immediate future.

Outside, 80% of the CBC's still out of commission due to labour strife, the BBC is still tying itself in knots because their materiel's being used as some sort of virtual scab labour for the CBC, and the brouhaha over the next Governor-General finally seems to have burned a little lower, which means that we have to find another pointless controversy somewhere over which to get our collecting panties in a twist.

Enough. Bath time.

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