08.16.2005 || 13h48

a few thoughts on the Governor-General Designate

This is becoming stupid. Hard-line sovereigntists are all over MichaŽlle Jean because she seems to have gone from toasting sovereignty in one of her husband's documentary films 17 years ago to becoming the face of Her Majesty in Canada. On the other side, federalists and people in the RoC are questioning how she voted in the 1990 referendum. Meanwhile, the Haitian community is bitching because they want to know if the whole flap is just because she's a black woman from Haiti.

Good grief. She's a *broadcaster,* you freaks. She's *supposed* to pander to whomever's calling the shots. There's also the fact that, as Canada's de facto head of state, she doesn't actually *do* much. What she *is* is a beautiful, fresh, multicultural face that tosses us into proud contrast with our southern neighbours, where the head of state has always been a white man born in the USA. She's also the second non white, foreign-born former CBC woman in a row for Canada. Which tells me that it's a little contrived, but I don't really think that's a problem.

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