08.10.2005 || 14h02

Home from TO and sweating

Freaking hissyfits, it's hot around here.

So, Toronto went better than we'd thought. We had a super low-key visit with Monstre and saw a couple of friends, then for Jazz's birthday (on Sunday), we went on a wine tasting tour of the Benches and Niagra regions, tasted some wines; bought a visciously tasty Pinot Noir, a perky icewine, a dreamy Cab Sauv and a couple of cool bottles from the Featherstone guys; then we went to Niagra Falls for supper, just because.

We've been back for a couple of days, and I guess I wish we could have avoided life for just one more day. She's at work now, and I start in a couple of hours. It's back to the old grind, and I ain't giggling over it.

Oh, I told Jazz that I'm not afraid of her going away and being swept off her feet by another guy while she's doing the bar, and that I will wait for her. I said that I'm just boundlessly sad about the next four months because love with her is deeper, crazier, differener than I've ever felt before, that there's no one in Gaia's bailiwick that's like her, and that I think I want to see her face every morning for ever and ever. I had to be clear, I guess.

Look, I don't know what's comign down the pipe. Nobody does. I know how I feel, and i know where I am in my life. I know when someone fits so well that they *must* have been designed just for you. I know what it means when someone's not afraid to argue with you or do something filthy in public or hold your hand while you're crying over the homework your shrink gives you and nevereverever holds it against your throat.

That part I know. The rest is just trust. That's the hardest part, but I'd rather be hurt later on than miss any of what's happening here. That's why my eyes are open so wide.

||Gods save the Queen,

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