05.27.2005 || 02:01

short, slightly tispy post-gig notes

I justjustjust got in from the usual Thursday night gig. It went well, despite there being not enough people in the pub to fill a bathtub-- okay, I'm being bitchy, there actually *were* people there for once... including (for a brief moment) Jazz, who'd come by to say goodnight after she finished work.

It's strange in a cool way that, even though we've been going out since about Valentine's Day (the exact date is a bit after that, I think), I'm still excited when I'm going to see her. That stage hasn't lasted for me this long with anyone else so far, and I'm kind of enchanted by it. And I hope to hell she's at least partway as into me as I am into her. Of course.

Dude! Pablo's in town. I hope I can get in touch with him to-morrow...

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