05.24.2005 || 23h34

a rare night alone.

So yeah, all that contract work I did last year's come back to bite me in the arse. To the tune of about $600 owed to both governments. I mean collectively, not each. Thank the gods. The problem is that I was prepared foir that at one point, but then the CoffeeHellCo reality started sucking and I had to dip into my savings to cover shite like living expenses.

Anyway, I'll deal. I have to do some more organising. Clothes and the shelves in my room, I think. I've moved the ex's stuff into bags and am waiting for her to tell me she's coming for it. She said she could bag a ride last time I saw her, but I haven't heard anything since. I got the latest David Usher disc -- Well, Jazz bought it and I'm currently listening to it and trying to decide if the half of it I really really like balances out the half I don't. I've also read so many damned short plays that I'm going cross-eyed, yet I still haven't found one I want to direct this year and my deadline's coming up in like six days so I'd better find something.

Uh, I think that's about it.

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