05.21.2005 || 11h49

Bits and bobs about stuff and shite.

So, with the government survived. The government stands by one vote.

It's interesting because it came down to an independent member's vote. I don't think that's ever happened in Canada before.

In other news, he had kind of a crappy gig on Thursday. I don't know, I just couldn't focus, so I kept making little mistakes, including one which I hadn't made since we started playing a certain song a couple of years ago. how's *that* for embarassing? It was also weird because I totally nailed the beginning of the song in question, which is the part that I usually stress about, since it's heavy on bass and kinda integral.

I think I was having trouble concentrating because I couldn't shake the stress of having just been cut down to two shifts a week at CoffeeHellCo, which puts me back in the tired old position of being über-stressed about money. It's been at the back of my head ever since, though my boss seems to have had a change of heart; she calls me every few days to tell me she's found me another shift...

Now, what's got me jazzed is the fact that, starting in June, I'll be mountain biking at Bromont most Sundays. I'll try not to break anything.

I'm 33 to-day.

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