05.18.2005 || 00h48

Political crap

Holyt cow, I don't believe that Belinda crossed the floor. I mean, MPs have crossed the floor before, but I sure as hell don't remember any party's heavyweights doing it.

But this time it really does mean that the government will survive or fall this Thursday by one or two votes. I'm not even going to try an claim not to be slightly stressed about it.

It also seems as though British Columbians have no problem with a premier who drinks and drives. I don't believe that Campbell's getting another kick at the can. I mean, BC is infamous for not giving its premiers second terms, but here's this freaking idiot who blew the stuffing out of every social programme he could get his right-wing hands on, swinging into another majority.

What is cool, however, is that they seem to be voting in favour of the Single Transferrable Vote. Now if only the rest of us could get our electoral hands on such a beast. Ottawa and Québec City would both be very different places...

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