05.12.2005 || 15h53

Home again

So I'd like to say 'we're back,' but I've just realised that I forgot to actually upload the entry I wrote about us leaving for Vancouver.

So, Jazz and I went to Vancouver to spend a few days away from life -- you know, to decompress a little. It was a great trip, although it was way too short: three days of walking in the kind of forests we just don't get over here; taking the Seabus and walking downtown and in Gastown; seeing some of my favourite galleries.

This is the second time that Derek over at the Spirit Wrestler has taken an hour or so to talk about the artists and works with us, even though he knows we're not in the position to buy anything. He just loves the stuff. I've decided that, should I ever be in a position (monetarily) to finally buy a piece of Haida carving, it'll be at the Spirit Wrestler.

And of course, the Aquarium. The upshot is that we both felt that we could have easily stayed another three days, and Jazz said she could *definitely* live there. I say it's a good thing she's becoming a lawyer, because that's the only way to make that an affordable city.

Anyway, now we're home and goign back to work and shite. It's great to be home. Really...

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