05.04.2005 || 01:13

A few words about some stuff

It's been 11 days since I last typed anything in this box. Nothing too special, I just felt that my inner monologue was too private to it to be outed, even here... or maybe especially here. I still don't feel safe here, I still feel that someone's going to come at me swinging again, finding any excuse to cut someone down, to vent their spleen on a stranger. I inadvertently gave someone that excuse when I ended things with Mystie. Someone who didn't give a shite about me or her, but gleefully grabbed at the chance to make someone miserable under the pretense of being a friend to a jilted girl.

I'm having a good life, I'm in love like it's never felt before, and it's with someone I've known for a while and thought was way beyond my league. I'm getting some of my shite together, even as I'm seeing other shite that needs it, but that I'd never noticed. I'm going over the last four years of my life and putting things into columns, I'm contacting people about my film project and for the first time, I'm actually *not* feeling as ugly as sin.

Still, I don't trust the world enough to explore some of this in detail here just yet. So just let me say the following:

This is not empty promises. This is bonafide, and here's a warning to all and sundry: tonight I am unstoppable.

||Gods save the Queen,

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