04.22.2005 || 11h07


Holy cow, my desk's organised. Ditto my table o' pagan goodies. Floors in the office and my bedroom are swept and the epic mess of paper that used to cover my bedside table is gone. No, I didn't do it alone. It's pretty much because of Jazz. I mean, she isn't forcing me to get my act together, she's being patient and helping me so I don't have to do it alone -- because I'm full of good intentions, but I get bored of cleaning and organising pretty damned quickly.

Next is the shelves in my room, then maybe my clothes. But whatever's coming, I have *got* to stay organised. I think it's going to suit my increasingly less messy head.

I'm also finally making plans for the future: Vancouver in May, then Toronto probably in June. There are scads of people I've been aching to see for too damned long, and I have to stop putting everything off 'til some nebulous 'later.'

Still not chewing my nails. Three weeks and counting. I guess I'll have finally quit when it no longer occurs to me to count...

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