04.10.2005 || 10h55

Warning: political monologue

Oi, what a mess. Everyone thought that the Gomery enquiry was going to be a whitewash, but it seems that yet another governmental head rolls every day. It's great to see this; it's great to see an enquiry that was called for by the PM actually rip into the obvious wrongs done by his party. But if there's one thing that all the questionings, revelations and criminal proceedings have made very clear, it's that the government's going to fall, and we're looking at the total destruction of the federal Liberal Party in Québec (The provincial wing's doing a pretty damned good job of destroying themselves without the feds' help). We're looking at a fundamental change in the political landscape up here in the Frozen North, and one that's going to be very, very hard to handle. They've also handed the country to the Conservative party, which is extremely scary. If the government falls before the gay marriage vote, then we can kiss gay marriage good-bye, on top of the fact that we'll be under the thumb of a bunch of neocon Christian wackos.

Gods, what's wrong with us? Hell, I didn't like the old Progressive Conservative party, but at least they were more... Canadian. Crap, when these new guys tossed out the PC's Macdonald/Disraeli conservatism (those who do well owe something back to their society) for this creepy Goldwater every-man-for-himself crap (individual freedom > common good), they changed things for the traditional Conservative voter, simply by leaving them out in the cold with no one to vote for. Is the same thing about to happen to the Liberal voter?

This country's in so much trouble, man.

||Gods save the Queen,

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