04.02.2005 || 01:52

New 5-string baby

So hi.

Yeah, after waiting since the 26th of January for my beautiful Ernie Ball Music Man SUB 5 bass, it still isn't in. So I got this instead. Hell, it's technically a better bass, will definitely fit in with the band more, comes with a case, and is supposed to be about $100 more, but they gave me a break on the price and the option of trading it back in if the Music Man ever freaking arrives. But it's not what I'd ordered. It was the bass on the other side of the coinflip.

I think I'm going to keep the Godin, though -- and save my pennies for the Music Man that I've always wanted instead of the second-best, which is what I'd ordered.

Get this: I actually have my shrink's sanction to spend the extra grand when I get it. He says that I'm always setting my sights just to buy the bass/bike/camera/whatever *below* the target because of my excessively low self-esteem, and that I should probably start just saving up for more time and getting what I want instead of what I think I deserve... without going spendhappy and digging myself into a tarpit of debt, that is.

Other stuff's been going on, but a lot of it pertains to my visits to see my shrink and the epic amount of music I've been playing.

Oh, and the chance at becoming basically a pro musician and touring the States that I turned down, but I really don't want to talk about it.

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