03.07.2005 || 20h13


Hm, take one heartbraking convo with the ex, add in a dash of being (unsuccessfully) headhunted by a *much* bigger name Celtic band, and blend for a truly messed up couple of days. The pics of the other band hanging out with Kiefer Sutherland and the Pogues were cool, and somethign I'd *definitely* leave CoffeeHellCo for, but I ain't about to leave the band I'm in for another band, especially not one headed by a man as (apparently) hard to work with as is that one.

I'm glad she's got dates lined up. Her Happy is way cooler than Her Unhappy, and I felt completely wrecked after our talk yesterday.

but there's someone else who's made it clear she wants to be with me, someone freaking cool and maybe someone I need to see for a while... maybe a long while. I don't know. My number's finally come up on the shrink's waiting list, so maybe I can work some shite out once and for all, at $90 a shot.


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