03.04.2005 || 23h49

Computer bitchiness

So, let's talk about my band's website. It's giving me trouble. You see, I wiped my computer to a squeaky virginal state a few weeks ago, right? well, I forgot to back up certain things that I need for the fucking site -- like fonts, for instance. I now have all the fonts back, though, so let's get to work... Oh, except that I didn't re-install Dreamweaver after the wipe. No problem, I'll just do that now, right? Cool, so let's get this bitch in gear... Crap, except that I forgot to back up the photoshop plugins I used to get the edge effects that one sees everywhere on the site.

So I've been trying to find the effects on-line for the past two days, and all for naught, so far... which irritates me to no end. I'm in a *really* bad mood right now because this has to get fucing *done,* and as usual, I have to work to-morrow so I can't stay up 'til the wee hours to do this.

Oh, and it doesn't look like I'm going to have a bass for our week o'gigs, either, unless I can pull of a miracle and get my baby back from the shop before noon to-morrow. It's the only time I'm going to have time.

This fucking sucks.

I'll be in a better mood when I haven't been fighting with my computer all night.

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