02.17.2005 || 17h19

Basses and pains and such.

Tired. I'm working more days than god these days because I'm training new recruits for the new CoffeeHellCo location opening up downtown. THat, plus the mega-gamut of gigs we're doing in March and the fact that we're cancelling the Bell line means that I could easily afford the dreambass instead of the consolation prize that I'd ordered (and that's not comign for another 6 weeks), but I've decided to keep up with the tradition of buying the one below what I really want. It's kept me going thus far. It's a transitional axe, really; it's my first 5-string. I'd hate to have spent $2000 to discover that I don't like the fifth string, so I guess the SUB is the way to go right now. If I end up liking it, I'll play the beast for a couple of years, then buy the other one.

Besides, I have other stuff to spend the other $1000 on; like therapy. Like lessons. Like Hydro bills and such.

I'm talking about inanities because I have something that I can't talk about yet, if at all. I don't feel safe here anymore. This may change at some point, but I really don't feel like having my arse ripped off by total strangers over the stuff I say here anymore. I'm sorry that I'm no longer being eaten away inside by my pain. Really I am, but there it is. I'm not shallow and I'm not ignorant of the hurt I caused. Life absolutely has to keep moving, though. Otherwise, why the hell are we here?

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