02.06.2005 || 19h16

So, mystie came by to get some stuff...

To-day was hard as hell but ultimately helpful, I think. I didn't even know I hadn't been clear about certain things, and I know that Mystie had been seeing certain other things differently than I had. I had never really explained to her how it felt to realise why the past half year had been so rough, and to desperately wish it had been anything else. Anything. Then to ask for some time off just to have everything explode. Then to realise that it's time to move on or to stop it or to do *something* because you can't go on feeling the way you do.

And for some reason, I still can't figure out how to say I wish I could at least snap my fingers and make her life work better or make an on-campus job appear at her elbow or anything to help her out right now, even though I know we can't go on pretending to be friends.

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