02.05.2005 || 20h58

Fucking death

yeah yeah, I know, two entries in an hour, but I gotta say something here: 2005 was supposed to end the year of shite. it was supposed to be the dawn of something good, and I think i'm feeling let down. Mystie mess aside, I discovered the face of a girl I kinda used to sorta know staring at me off of one of those missing persons posters last week, and I just stopped by the website of another Celtic band with whom I'm quite friendly to discover that a local musician whom I know has died. This is not about me, it's about the world being off-kilter somehow. I know that I have caused pain and have definitely received my come-uppance for it; but all around me, big things are going on that make me feel small for crying over lost loves. I mean, I can't believe Jim's gone. I used to see him all the time when I worked at that godawful pub. I used to watch him all the time at the other pubs before that. Hell, I once watched him not even blink as some 18-year-old Bostonian kid puked a litre and a half of beer onto the floor right in front of the stage where he was playing, His voice is on several of the local acts' CDs, and I guess I'm wondering how a lot of people are feeling right now... And a 24-year-old girl is missing... Actually, someone who had a name and a personality who used to go to Royal West Academy and briefly worked at the café around the corner from me is missing, and I have to wonder how often 'missing' *doesn't* mean 'dead'?

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